File a Rectification

Description: The Registrar may rectify the register or any instrument presented for registration in the following cases:
  1. informal matters and in the case of omissions not materially affecting the interest of any proprietor;

  2. where any person has acquired an interest in land by prescription;

  3. in any case and at any time with the consent of all persons interested;

  4. where, upon resurvey, a dimension or area shown in the register or registry map is found to be incorrect, but in such case the Registrar shall first give notice to all persons appearing by the register to be interested or affected of his or her intention so to rectify.

  5. upon receipt of any decision of the Land Adjudication Tribunal made under section 20(3) of the Land Adjudication Act. (Inserted by Act 7 of 1986)
Category: Housing/Property
Office: Land Registry Section
Deadline Date: None
Processing Time: Varies (typically more than 10 business days)
Fee: EC$20.00 per block and parcel
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Process: Contact the department for more information.
Requirements: None
Notes: Contact the department for more information.

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